This celebration had a double objective:

-To bare witness to the dynamism and potential of African women, who (who no longer have to demonstrate?) it's only a matter of encouraging them to actively participate in the development of their countries. Making these forces self-sufficient must be one of the overriding elements of all economic and government planing initiatives regarding the public and private sectors.

-Women of the Diaspora are able to play, in this framework, a role of interlocutor between Africa and the rest of the world in order to promote self-sufficiency of women and young people.

-Throughout this celebration, OFAD wants to help Parisians and then numerous tourists who are visiting the capital during this period to discover the human, cultural and social wealth of all African countries, and especially the wealth brought by African women.

-This event will permit us to:

inform and advise the public about the activities of enterprises, associations and foundations that are headed by women from Africa and her Diaspora, and to promote the activities of these organisations.

  •     promote exchanges between African Women and the rest of the world.
  •     give value to African thought and identity.

The invited personalities:

In addition to Madame Antoinette Sassou Nguesso.