OFAD-The Organisation of African Women in the Diaspora, is an associative organization founded in 2011 by its members and president, Madame Suzanne Bellnoun.

Who are we?

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OFAD is a collective which links African women living outside of their native countries. The primary purpose of OFAD is to promote feminine reflection on African women in general, Africans in the Diaspora, and their families in particular. The organization approaches the ensemble of issues that concern women, working to defend the interests of African women in the Diaspora and to help them gain public recognition for ideas formulated with the support of OFAD. We count on our capacity to assemble all of the disparate powers in order to form groups of reflection and consultation and to give value to our propositions while playing the role of interlocutor between civil society, public powers, and diverse institutions, both inside and outside of the African continent.

The objective of OFAD is to:

  • To guide women's economic, health, education, and sociocultural projects towards self-sufficiency and fulfillment.
  • To defend, support, promote, and give value to the activities brought by members in order to bring visibility and recognition not only outside of but also within the African Continent.
  • To cooperate with all structures that are committed to the well-being of women and African children, in view of achieving the Millennium Development Goals as established by the United Nations.
  • To invest ourselves in the collective, the organization and the directing of humanitarian aide in Africa, notably for catastrophes.