Hommage :

Mme M. T ALTERMATH moderator : before more than 300 participants, Madame Altermath payed homage to Ivorian and Congolese women who are currently living through difficult times.




Former Minister Olivier Stirn: The room was reserved for a group of the UMP. Never before have I seen the Colbert room be decorated in such vibrant colors, which represent French diversity.  It might seem strange that a man would speak about African Women, but men and women are complementary. Today there is considerable effort to fight for equal rights.  A positive effect of globalization is the growth of the role of women in the entire world and the progress of women's rights.  The fact that women are more and more in positions of power is perhaps the thing that will save humanity from today's risks. 18 months ago, I met Madame Johnson, the president of Liberia, and she spoke to me about the future of the arms trade. Women have different priorities.  Today, African women are being honored.  Thank you to ?arie Therese ALtermath and all of the members of OFAD for having invited me.  I have often realized the courage and strength that African women bring to the countries they emigrate to.  We will work to improve measures of integration of these women.